Lock ‘Em Up: Is Jail Really the Best Deterrent to Drunk Driving?

There is no doubt that human make mistakes, but in taking the life of someone and leaving their families to grieve cannot be deemed as a mistake or an error in judgment, especially if the error is inevitable. There is a direct link between drinking and intoxication which eventually leads to impaired judgments. So, how can one say that a drunken driver makes an error in judgment or a mistake when he or she drinks and gets behind the wheel of a car to drive? That act is simply irresponsible and has nothing to do with making a mistake or judgment. Drivers should recognize that one cannot make a mistake with a human life, as life cannot be replaced. The mature concept then is to desist from drinking if there is even a remote possibility that the intoxicated person may operate a vehicle.

should drunk drivers be imprisoned on the first offense

Your DWI penalties depend on factors such as your age, the substance impairing you, your driver’s license, and whether you submitted to a chemical test . The debates over the fact that humans can make errors is one of the most popular points use to defend the “rights” of those who drive under the influence of alcohol.

California Drunk Driving Laws

Many other strategies also have the potential to significantly reduce drunk driving. Athens High School seniors experienced first-hand the effects and consequences of drunk and distracted driving during a daylong drunk driving awareness event Wednesday, just a few days before many of them will go to prom (Pavlik- Hernandez 1). Third offense — Driver’s license suspension for 60 days, and restriction for 305 days. Second offense — Driver’s license suspension for 30 days, and restriction for 60 days. These things do not always mean that the driver has been drinking or using drugs, but they do require your full attention. Prescription and non-prescription medications may also contain things that can have an adverse effect on your ability to drive safely.

should drunk drivers be imprisoned on the first offense

There may be another way besides increased enforcement to keep people from driving while drunk. If the penalties imposed should drunk drivers be imprisoned on the first offense by courts and juries for drunk driving are severe, people may think twice about taking to the road when intoxicated.

Refusal to Take a Breath Test

I am sure you can find information relating to drunk traffic accidents for the first half of the year in your country. Presenting that information will make your essay more up to date, informative, and relevant to the reader. Aside from that, you really did a good job on the development of this discussion. https://ecosoberhouse.com/ If your BAC was between .15 and .20, you must serve a mandatory minimum jail sentence of five days; if your BAC is .20 or higher, then you must serve a mandatory jail sentence of at least 10 days. If you are charged as a third time offender, you are going to go to jail if you don’t get an attorney.

should drunk drivers be imprisoned on the first offense

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Michigan Sobriety Court Program

Research has also shown that efforts to impose tougher penalties in America have not had much effect. In part, this seems to be caused by people’s belief that “it can’t happen to me.” “After all,” Reed observes, “those who currently drive drunk are not deterred by the small risk of a very severe penalty—accidental death.” Roadblocks are a particularly controversial method used by police forces to increase their surveillance of drivers and to deter drunk driving. Ignition interlock devices, which are installed in a person’s car to measure the amount of alcohol on the driver’s breath. You may be required to enter an alcohol treatment or education program to learn how binge drinking and other problem drinking can affect your health and life. Many states impose harsher penalties if yourefuse to take a breath test—for example, immediate revocation of your license or mandatory jail time.

  • People don’t realize one drink can have an effect on their ability to drive a car.
  • Many other traffic safety improvements have the potential to save lives more cost-effectively, according to the Department of Transportation, though they may not be able to save as many lives as increased enforcement of drunk driving laws.
  • In this section, our attorneys break down the rules and explain the process.
  • Someone over the limit in a passenger seat can also be prosecuted if the police believe they had been driving or are able to show that there was a likelihood of them driving.
  • Some ads have suggested that any level of drinking is dangerous when combined with driving.

As discussed in Chapter 8, the most efficient physical devices now available to make driving safer are passive restraints, including automatic seat belts and air bags. These devices would be more effective for drunk drivers than for sober drivers, because studies show that drunk drivers involved in accidents are less likely to use conventional seat belts than are all drivers involved in accidents.

Michigan DUI Field Sobriety Tests

In lieu of payment of a fine imposed pursuant to this section, the court may order that the person perform community service specified by the court. The person shall receive a credit on the fine imposed in an amount equal to $5 for each full hour spent by the person in the specified community service. The community service ordered by the court shall be required to be performed not later than one year after the fine is imposed or by an earlier date specified by the court. If by the required date the person performs an insufficient amount of community service to reduce to zero the portion of the fine required to be paid by the person, the remaining balance of the fine shall become due on that date.

  • If by the required date the person performs an insufficient amount of community service to reduce to zero the portion of the fine required to be paid by the person, the remaining balance of the fine shall become due on that date.
  • Probation with imprisonment in the county jail for not less than 30 days or more than 1 year and community service for not less than 60 days or more than 180 days.
  • If the application is granted, the restriction will remain in effect for at least the remaining period of the original suspension or revocation period.
  • As such, it is not reason enough to say that a man, after partaking in four drinks, has the same clear vision prior to consumption.
  • A person who is convicted of DUI while a minor under 14 was in the vehicle will receive enhanced punishment.

You often see stories in the news on fatal car accidents caused by drunk drivers where the lives of an innocent human being was taken due to a poor decision to drink and drive by someone else. Most people are capable on a first time offense of obtaining a plea to impaired driving without jail. Prosecutors do not like to take cases to trial, and they offer plea agreements to avoid trials. Forty-two of the states have now passed Administrative License Revocation laws, which allow the arresting officer to take the license of drivers who fail or refuse to take a breath test.

Refusal of a police officer’s demand to provide a breath sample was made an offence at the same time and both began as summary conviction offenses, with a maximum fine of up to $5000 and up to six months imprisonment. A certified ignition interlock device is a breath alcohol testing instrument connected to the ignition and power system of the vehicle. The driver blows into the device before attempting to turn the ignition. If the driver’s alcohol level is above a certain level, the vehicle will not start. While the vehicle is operating, the driver must blow into the device at random intervals.

  • A person who is convicted of a third DUI within a 10-year period faces imprisonment in a county jail for 120 days to one year and is subject to pay a fine of $390 to $1,000.
  • What are the laws regarding DUIs and driving with alcohol in your system?
  • If an educational campaign about drunk driving were instituted, certain kinds of media could be especially effective.
  • When I was sentenced to four years in prison for drunk driving, something my prosecutor said stuck with me.
  • Transitional living Twelve points will be assessed on your driving record, and your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked.

Standards for its use took several years to develop, and British police used it less frequently than did police in other countries. As the respect for and fear of the Alcotest declined, so did the effectiveness of the act.

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So, for DUI-related killings, Florida prosecutors can choose whether to charge vehicular homicide, the DUI-death enhancement, or both. Note that penalties apply to the lowest reading taken across both breath and blood tests. The penalty for injuring or killing someone when under the influences is the same as dangerous driving (up to ten years’ imprisonment, up to NZ$20,000 or both, and loss of license for one year or more). This imprisonment must be served consecutively to any other minimum mandatory penalty imposed for a violation of this section or an ordinance which prohibits the acts that this section prohibits.

The law serves to protect, but most people forget this when they face criminal charges against them when they commits wrongful act. The individual who drinks and drives will continue to do so, until he faces prison time. At this point, the guilty persons cry that the law is unfair to them. Nevertheless, they do not consider that their act of crime against the victims needs to law to protect them from recurrence of those who are injured.

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